What Channel is BET on Fios?

Whether you're a fan of music videos, movies, or TV shows, Black Entertainment Television (BET) has something for everyone. As a Fios TV subscriber, you can enjoy access to this popular cable TV network. But what channel is BET on Fios?

BET Channel on Fios

You can find BET on Fios TV on the following channels:

270Standard-definition channel for BET
770High-definition channel for BET

This ensures that you have the best possible viewing experience, regardless of the type of TV you have.

BET Jams and BET Soul on Fios

In addition to BET, Fios TV also offers BET Jams and BET Soul. These channels are dedicated to music and provide viewers with access to a wide range of music videos. Here are the channel numbers for BET Jams and BET Soul on Fios:

220BET Jams, featuring hip-hop and R&B music videos
216BET Soul, perfect for anyone who loves old-school and classic R&B

With these additional channels, you'll never run out of music to watch and listen to!

In summary, as a Fios TV subscriber, you have access to BET on channel 270 (standard definition) and channel 770 (high definition). You can also watch BET Jams on channel 220 and BET Soul on channel 216. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite BET programming on Fios TV. Thank you for reading!